Tuesday, November 20, 2007

File Description for Frankie "The Hair" Pascetti

Note from Agent 86:

As part of an ongoing investigation, I have been gathering top-secret information involving the infamous Pascetti family. Recently labeled as being one of the most mildly dangerous and corrupt mafia rings within the Tri-City area, the Pascetti's have a particular family member of interest--Frankie.

As the nephew to Boss Anzio Pascetti's second cousin, Frankie fronts as the family chef; in reality however, his skill with a gun is more deadly than his "secret sauce." Frequently employed to carry out the family's less-than-savory orders, Frankie gained his nickname "The Hair" by means of his calling card--many an unsuspecting victim has wound up face down in meatball marinara, with the only clue of their assassin being a single strand of hair discovered in their proverbial last meal.

For now my cover remains intact... Details surrounding the family and their multi-talented cook will be provided on a regular basis. Wish me luck.