Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pascetti Candidate

The flashing neon sign reading "our business is with people" outside the Pascetti family restaurant refers to more than just food service. That is, after all, just one of the many courtesies they're pleased to provide.

Despite how fruitful the food industry can be, Anzio chooses to dabble in more advantageous pursuits. Walter Pennington, paltry politician and a self-described man of taste, is a frequent customer of Anzio's. His is an appetite more for popularity and prominence however, and less for fine bruschetta and canolis--a given, seeing as how his palette is as refined as sandpaper. As such, he has turned to his Pascetti consultants during his campaign for mayor.

My efforts in surveillance have yet to expose the exact arrangements the two parties have together. Needless to say, Frankie is unquestionably involved, whether he fully realizes it or not.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Messy Little Dish Called Love

Frankie "The Hair" Pascetti is sensitive about two things, and two things alone. And like with a cat, you had better be prepared when you rub him the wrong way...

While it's true that sugar substitutes leave behind a horribly offensive taste in the mouth--which is what makes them such easy culprits to detect in cooking--there are some things that are far more bitter when gone and last much, much longer. Like love.

Her name was Josephina De Luce. They met during a culinary convention a few years back, and soon found themselves sharing more than just their love of baked goods. But like an overly delicate soufflé, their bond would crumble under the desperate and dangerous conditions of Frankie's other life. His dreams of leaving the family business behind to open up a confectionery shop with his sweet Josephina were crushed when Anzio issued him an "order" against the rival De Luce family.

Some wonder if such a person in love could ever bring themselves to pull the trigger. But perhaps it was a different kind of love--love for family--that caused him to finish the job. Only Frankie knows, and probably all too well.