Monday, April 21, 2008

Respite, Revenge and Reconciliation

Frankie already had all the motivation he needed to go after Anzio. Our proposition to him was just the little extra impetus to put the final motions into place. For a while we were afraid he might forget about the deal and act without thinking; what we didn't count on was Frankie thinking too much.

We don't know what Anzio said to him exactly, but by the time we had arrived to pick up The Boss, Frankie was a no-show, and Anzio wasn't talking. Whatever sidetracked him must have had something to do with unfinished business--perhaps involving the incident at the restaurant. Wherever he is then, and whatever he's doing, he had just better not be so naive as to think he can just disappear. There's still plenty he has to answer for, not the least of which is the sudden and shady murder of Walter Pennington. While it's true that the former mayoral hopeful won't necessarily be missed, a crime is still a crime.

In spite of how things appear to be coming together on the outside, inside there's a lot of shifting going on. And if there's one thing we've learned from Frankie and the Pascetti family, it's that there's always room for the unexpected.


Heidi said...

Is there a happy ending to all of this??? I hope Frankie finds peace!

Summers Camp said...

This isn't funny anymore. This is some serious shiz, miz(ter). *B

kory borgia said...

I think that this should be made into a movie, or you could just have Iron Man appear and clean everything up.

apb said...

Just to add a little clarification for readers--anytime there is a box with dialog that is missing a cue as to who is speaking, it usually belongs to the person closest to it. I do this for spacing reasons. So, as can be seen in this particular strip, Anzio is the one who is cutting off Frankie with the line "maybe, maybe not." I hope this clears things up for now and in the future.