Friday, April 4, 2008

Guns and Roses

The idea behind leverage is being able to move bigger obstacles by lesser means. Large doors move upon the smallest of hinges, and ships are maneuvered by the slightest adjustment of a rudder. For Frankie, all it took was a girl.

When we found Josephina she was quite removed from her past life and had taken to a much more normal one. She'd even traded her cook's apron for a green thumb. Apparently she hadn't been killed as everyone had been led to believe and as Frankie was content to pretending. But he couldn't leave a well enough thing alone. We had traced packages and expenditures coming from Frankie to her new address, many of which were marked "return to sender."

Although having saved her life, Frankie destroyed what love they had shared--a love which now unrequited was replaced by a sense of guilt and a burden of responsibility. She was then, in the deepest sense, lost to him. But not forgotten.

Cornered and with nowhere to go, Frankie made a choice. Even after losing more than most could stand, he found something worth fighting for, even if nothing more than for survival. In the events that would follow, it would become harder to tell which Frankie was the real one, and which one was just pretend.


Summers Camp said...

My favorite part of this entire post is the title. I mean, talk about a hook, line, and sinker! This is getting pretty intense, man. *B

kory borgia said...

Woah. This is getting pretty intense just as *B said.

Heidi said...

You really need to keep 'em coming faster!!

Michael said...

ah, how things get better when there is "the" girl in the picture.